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Bring gold to Kilimanjaro?! PayPal is easier!

May 28, 2013  |  KiliTechTrek, Sponsors, Summit Stories

When you climb a 19,000ft/6,000mt mountain, every gram counts and it is critically important to minimize the amount of extra stuff to carry. Would you bring your credit cards, your thick wallet, those notes and coins? Wouldn’t it be simpler to have a mobile payment solution from high on the mountain?

paypalThe Kili Tech Trekkers will benefit from the effortless ways to pay, be paid and donate offered by PayPal, our welcome sponsor to Summit Stories.

PayPal makes it simpler to get more of what people want from their money: this is especially true at very high altitude, whether paying for that delicious soda, paying a bet off to a fellow trekker or make a donation to Amani upon reaching a milestone on the mountain.

Amani is the local non-profit organization that supports the homeless children of Tanzania and that Summit Stories elected to support in their nex big challenge: to build a new welcome center in the city of Arusha and help support up to 100 children a year.

Follow our Trekkers as they climb Kilimanjaro assisted by PayPal, and emulate them by making a DONATION to Amani on KiliTechTrek, of course using PayPal!

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