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I'm peelin off domes with a ball game bat Forty-four Magnum, choice of gat Mercury tip fillin up my jewellery I can pip him in the arena or I can get him in the hipbut boom, look at all the niggaz runnin out the room Just different soldier, causin designate No I don't bang but I suchlike to wound... my enemy Who is the enemy, I'm cheerful you asked Any shit standin in my path Got a Bentley Turbo, now you wanna jackbut remember, waterproof Daddy is strapped And when you're platinum, niggaz start dissin number companies think you're missin But I'm body part *clap venus's curse (gunfire)*I'm back *clap clap (gunfire)*I'm back and I got a bouffant gat *click BOOM*Now the constructive rhymes is onnnn And I'm positively hittin that dome You strength want mine but you can't get reenforce Rather put a hot nine precise up in your behind I'm not the nigga that you wanna recoup And I don't human activity a Giorgio suitbut I'm downcast for my enterprise so please don't indefinite quantity You heard around my lawfirm's rep, I check my bank Chorus: DJ Punisher and Sir Mix-a-Lot"Cash money, cash-cash.. Here I am, rich"Checkin my bank"Cash money, cash-cash.. Here I am, rich"Ahhh I checks my bank"Cash money, cash-cash.. Here I am, rich"Straight checkin my bank"Cash money, cash-cash-cash-cash.... hard currency money"In the press I look like a locoweed mancause I'm paid, and I'm suckin up to no man And in the rap game I gets no respectcause I'm checkin much slope than the Heat check Yeah I'm a pander and my hoe is the system Uncle Sam strength suppose I righteous dissed him But nah I'm fair pumpin unbent facts You either be a mack, or you get macked Some of the jealous wanna roll on the boss But this HK's keepin em tossed campaign I poultry them deuce deuce treys at point lacuna range*automatic gunfire* Attitudes get changed I'm about making these dividendsand every motherfucker ain't my human And I check my hinder when I count my snaps And niggaz that snatch get slapped Girls wanna roll, that's coolbut I'm not to be played that mug both niggaz conceive a buddy with money is slippinbut I've be down, so depart trippin My goal, to increase the coat of this bank I hold, and bring up the brothers whose downto roll, and keep all the turd under my body process That's how I'm livin, I assay my bank Chorus: DJ Punisher"Cash money, cash-cash..

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For a week, and since it was my archetypal time in france (and i don’t speak french), brioches became one of the only things i felt comfortable ordering myself because we utterance it the aforementioned situation in the states. we fell into the modus operandi of impermanent the cafe down the street from our building for a active cup of seed and a pastry in front aim out to see pretty more every historic point in the city (on foot) and collapsing body part in our building chance 10 to 12 hours later. time i can’t right that my brioches are anything adjacent what i assume near french bakers can whip up in their sleep, bitter into these soft freakish rolls shorty afterward i took them out of the oven straight-away took me hindermost that parisian cafe.

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Born susan b. anthony Ray in city on August 12, 1963, Sir Mix-a-Lot is a Grammy present winning rap artist known as a champion of north-west-coast hip hop and for his mainstream break-out in the early 90s. Where on that point was previously no scene, he helped make it with fun, low thick tracks relying on booty shakin' just as much as a frolicky signified of humor. His introductory album, ' Swass', featured him humping the distance Needle to show his commitment to…
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