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Kilimanjaro’s amazing scenery shared from 17,000 feet

May 22, 2013  |  KiliTechTrek, Media, Sponsors

You’re on an incredible trip, capturing amazing photos and thinking, “if only my friends could see this.” You use your smartphone for the accessibility and instant sharing. But, camera phones fall far short for capturing low light, fast action, zooming or other features that make digital cameras superior. And, the gorgeous, high-resolution memories you do take often remain trapped on your SD card long after you return home.

Well, KiliTechTrek wants more for our travelling photo enthusiasts. And Eye-Fi has the technology to make that happen.

eye-fiEye-Fi wireless SD memory cards automatically upload photos and videos to smartphones and tablets, anywhere. Built-in WiFi means you don’t need to be connected to the internet or a wireless network. Instead, you can stand on Kilimanjaro, take the best photos of your life and they are instantly available on your smartphone to post, tweet, email or just enjoy.

Eye-Fi joins KiliTechTrek on Kilimanjaro to improve the lives of homeless children in Tanzania. We hope the photos and videos the trekkers share will prompt you to action as well.

Stay tuned for more from the heights of Tanzania!


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