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Mountain Hardwear and KiliTechTrek

May 13, 2013  |  General, KiliTechTrek, Sponsors


Excited to announce that Mountain Hardwear will be a supporting partner to KiliTechTrek. The Trekkers will soon climb Mt Kilimanjaro and Mountain Hardwear will help keep them warm, protected and strong.

Mountain Hardwear was founded 18 years ago by a group of passionate people who believed anything is possible, and that anything worth pursuing in life required challenge.

Here is a quote I particularly like from Mountain Hardwear’s mission statement: “…we realized standing on the peak didn’t define who we were and our potential; it was the moments of challenge, along the journey that defined us. We celebrate those individuals and are inspired by big dreamers that believe anything is possible.”

Our KiliTechTrekkers are motivated by a similar challenge: to be example to the Amani Kids on the journey we are taking and the motivation it needs to reach a summit.

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