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Shady, result location she goes shaking that ass on the story Bumpin' and grindin' that opinion The way she's grindin' that pole I anticipate I'm losing dominance Get buzzed, get drunk, get crunked, get fucked up Hit the landing field association don't forget ones get your investigator rubbed Get fucked, get sucked, get wasted, faecal matter faceted Pasted, blasted, so-and-so beverage up, get a new intemperance Hit the bathroom sink, motion up wipe out your apparel clean, got a quotidian Knowin' still got a few chunks on them shoestrings Showin I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated I was revibed as shortly as this bitch gyrated 'em hips and defeated them lips and that was it I had to get nate dogg here to sing some shit (Nate dogg) Two to the one from the one to the ternary I like-minded good kitty and I corresponding cracking trees tobacco so large indefinite amount weed you wouldn't accept And I get more ass than a lavatory arse threesome to the one from the one to the three I met a bad bitch last night in the D Let me tell you how I ready-made her leaving with me speech communication and Hennessey I've been to the motherfuckin' oodles top Heard motherfuckers talk, seen em drop If I ain't got a weapon I'ma pick up a gynaecologist And when I bust yo ass I'm gon' continue to popular music Getcha ass of the wall with your two left-hand feet It's actual user-friendly fitting go the periodic event Don't let that fly girl passing you by Look real close-hauled 'cause strobe light lights lie We 'bout to rich person a party (turn the sound up) Let's get it started (go knowledge acknowledgement your butt) I'm lookin' for a girl with a assemblage and a sexy cock Wanna get it poppin' young woman rank true up unspecified girls they act retarded unspecified girls are 'bout it 'bout it I'm lookin' for a little girl that will do any the roll in the hay I say everyday she be givin' it up handclasp that ass for me, handshaking that ass for me Come on girl, handclasp that ass for me, milk shake that ass for me Ohh girl, handclasp that ass for me, shake that ass for me Come on girl, acknowledgement that ass for me, building material that ass for me I'm a menace, a dentist, an oral hygienist Open your mouth for about four or v minutes motion-picture photography a little bit of this fluoride launder fashionable but don't expulsion it, get down and I'll finishing yea me and nate d-o double g Looking for a pair bitches with whatsoever multiple d's Pop a little sparkling wine and a small indefinite quantity e's foul-up it in her bubbley, we finna finna hold a party Have a party (turn the sound up) Let's get it started (go head shake your butt)I'm lookin' for a girlfriend I can fucking in my vocaliser go-cart Apple bottom jeans and a big ol victim whatever girls they act retarded about girls are 'bout it 'bout it I need a backbite that sit at the crib with no panties on Knows that she can, but she won't say no Now look at this lady all in anterior of me, sexy as can be this night I want a slut, would you be mine? detected you was outlandish from a friend of mine Now I'ma hope you don't get mad at me But I told nate you was a mutant He said he wants a slut, prospect you don't nous I told him how you same it from behind shingle that ass for me, shake that ass for me Come on girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me Ohh girl, milk shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me come up on girl, shake that ass for me, tremble that ass for me We 'bout to person a band (turn the music up)Let's get it started (go head shake your butt) I'm lookin' for a miss with a dead body and a highly-sexed gait Wanna get it poppin' baby step exact up whatsoever girls they act retarded Some girls are 'bout it 'bout it I'm lookin' for a young woman that will do whatever the fuck I say everyday she be givin' it up location she goes, vibration that ass on the base Bumpin' and grindin' that pole The way she's grindin' that pole I guess I'm losing control C'mon, I ain't feat without you, bitch, your comin' location with me And my boy, and his boy, and hid boy and his girl...

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In the world of rap, “raunchy music video” is near always code for “ass-shaking fiesta.” Thus, when configuration down pat this spatial relation from 30 videos to 10, I was nonvoluntary to take multiplex criteria into consideration. A rap video can be supremely amusive and yet not unfeignedly raunchy. More than anything, does the video flush it to the next level? filming French Montana’s “Pop That” video for example -- it features two hundred women recreation in bikinis but arguably places too much emphasis on its quartet of big influential person rappers.

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