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Meet our not-so-nerdy and adventurous KiliTechTrekkers

If you thought they could only code and sit behind a digital screen, well … we were all wrong! From the very heart of the tech world to the heights of the African continents, these thought leaders will challenge themselves and come together to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and support the homeless children of Tanzania.

Bada YooBada Yoo, eBay
“We can help children reach their dreams and technology will make the changes”
Francesco RovettaFrancesco Rovetta, PayPal
“Positive education in its varied forms is the key to the progress of humanity”
Lucrezia BisignaniLucrezia Bisignani, Staanoi
“Making the world a better place by pushing social progress forward”
Marco MarinucciMarco Marinucci, Mind the Bridge
“Build all the necessary bridges to close as many gaps as possible”
Simone BrunozziSimone Brunozzi, Amazon
“Education via technology is the unique chance to be catapulted into the global classroom”
Lippe OosterhofLippe Oosterhof, Livestation
“How do we make possible accepting all points of view?”