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Ugh! 0% battery on Kilimanjaro, not anymore with GOALZERO

May 20, 2013  |  KiliTechTrek, Sponsors

Can you imagine tech enthusiasts with a 0% battery on their devices? Exactly!

Thrilled to announce that Gogoalzero - originalalzero, the leading provider of portable solar power systems that power cell phones, laptops, tablets, even refrigerators, will be a supporting partner to KilitechTrek. The Trekkers will soon climb Mt Kilimanjaro and Goalzero will help keep all their tech toys fully charged and operational.

Goal Zero was founded by entrepreneur Robert Workman, who realized the need for portable power and light through his work with the non-profit organization TIFIE in the remote regions of the Republic of Congo.

Expect to hear digital news from the Trekkers on the mountain and, even better for the environment, with a minimal CO footprint impact!


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